Total Recall Workshop – Walbottle – Saturday 11th July at 12.30pm

Total Recall Workshop
Do you have issues with getting your dog to come back when you call for them? Are you worried about letting your dog or pup off the lead to start with? Well this is the workshop for you.
Teaching a good recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. Having a great recall will be able to give your dog freedom to be let off the lead and have extra fun.
At Barking Mad Dog Training we firmly believe in getting the dog to want to come back, so it’s all about having fun.
• Building up the bond so you dog wants to come back regardless of distractions.
• Using not only rewards from you but the environment to help get a great recall.
• Using games to build a reliable recall.
• Helping the dog understand what you want from them.
• Notes to take home to help you and your dog even more.
This one off workshop will be held in Wabottle on Saturday 11th July at 12.30pm and is £35 per dog.
Spaces will be limited to ensure a safe distance can be maintained.

Working in my 5 acre enclosed feild can teach the dogs in a real environment while still keeping it safe for the dogs.

Please note this is not the place for dogs that are not comfortable around other dogs, or who show behaviours such as lunging and barking at other dog or people.