Reactivity Program

Reactivity Package.

Reactivity has become very much a buzz word over the past few year.  What is actually meant is an animal overreacting to a situation. 

Lunging, barking, growling, snapping, hiding, running away are all what we might describe as being reactive.

This can be massively frustrating, embarrassing and potentially dangerous.

I work with reactive dogs on a weekly basis and have worked with 1000’s over the years.  It is a slow and steady process not a quick fix, which you might see on TV.  You can stop a dog doing the behaviours above quickly but that usually means repressing them.  They will inadvertently come out in another way usually when not expected and can be much worse, more dramatic, and certainly more dangerous.

It’s important we make the dog feel safe and secure first.  Then working through a variety of things to help build their confidence and teach alternative behaviours to help the dog.  Modifying behaviour to reduce reactivity can take on quite different forms from dog to dog,

If you are ready to put in the work needed with my guidance the let’s get cracking.

My reactivity package is

  • 4 one hour personalised one to one session.  This will be a mixture of video calls and in person sessions.  (unless you are out of my area, then these will all be done via video call) They will be weekly to every fortnight depending on your dog and schedules.
  • We will first get a plan in place to help your dog, the people and animals around them feel safe. 
  • Next, we will work on your skills to help your dog.
  • Then we will help your dog do other things that are more appropriate in the face of those triggers.
  • Each session will consider your dog’s abilities but also how they feel. Working as slowly as they need.
  • Between each session there will be homework to do. Which you can then send me via WhatsApp or email.
  • You will get a 6-week course of videos with different behaviours which will help in a variety of settings.
  • You will get access to my private Facebook group to get extra guidance and support between each session.

This program expires 1 months after purchase.

Depending on the issues we will discuss getting a full medical of your dog to rule out any pain related issues too.