Puppy School

Puppy School

Why join Barking Mad Puppy School?

A new puppy joining your family is a very exciting time.  Getting it right from the get go is so important as to how those first few months are going to go.

It can very quickly turn into a nightmare and become all too much.  The puppy and you the owner getting the right education to helping have a happy dog owning household is key.


Has your puppy already joined your family, but you are already feeling like you puppy thinks its name is NO?

Is your puppy biting?  Hurting the family when they are just getting to bitey and excited?


Well you have come to the right place!!!!

Here are Barking Mad Puppy School we help everyone to understand how to educate the pup to get it right.  Setting the puppy up to succeed is such an important part of this.

Using reward-based methods only we will build up the bond and understanding between puppy and owner that will carry forward for a life time.


Classes are in both Forest Hall and Gosforth.