Recall Package


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Total Recall Package

Do you have issues with getting your dog to come back when you call for them?

Are you worried about letting your dog or pup off the lead to start with?

Well this is the workshop for you.

Teaching a good recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. Having a great recall will be able to give your dog freedom to be let off the lead and have extra fun.

At Barking Mad Dog Training, we passionately believe in getting the dog to want to come back, so it’s all about having fun.

  • Building up the bond so you dog wants to come back regardless of distractions.
  • Using not only rewards from you but the environment to help get a great recall.
  • Using games to build a reliable recall.
  • Helping the dog understand what you want from them.


What do you get?

  • A six week long video package to talk you through recall along with other general training too.
  • TWO one to one sessions in real life situations, not in an indoor classroom. Each session is an hour long.  Working on how to stop your dog getting it wrong.  Teaching you and your dog how to get it right. It’s a partnership after all.  Both sides must work together.
  • Access to my private Facebook Group to give extra guidance and support.

All for just £200


All for just 200