Gold Puppy Package

With the Gold Puppy Package, you get all the advice and support you need to help your new baby puppy grow into an amazing adult dog.

You get my help from the get-go with a 45-minute video call, so you can ask me directly about any issues that you specifically want help with.  From puppy biting, house training, how to help the kids with the puppy, how to manage their first walk so they get the right experience. 


You get a one to one at your home (in the garden) where we can start some training off.


  • Sit
  • Down
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Leave it
  • Recall. 

The session will be an hour long and go at the puppy’s pace.


An additional one to one session outside on a walk, either from your home or outside at the park.  This session will be again and hour long. 


  • Getting your pups attention when other things are going on
  • Walking on a loose lead out with the distractions of being outside
  • How to help them interact correctly with other dogs
  • How to interact correctly with people

In Addition

A private Whatsapp group just for you, your family and 2 trainers to give advice and support as often as you like, You can also upload videos of your homework and we can give you feedback between your weekly sessions.

You get free access to THE PUPPY CLUB for a month, where you can learn from amazing puppy videos uploaded weekly, with extra challenges and can stay with us in the puppy club longer for a very small fee of £4.99 per month, but you can also cancel at the end of your first month with no charges

You have access to the private members Facebook group for additional support whenever you need.  Giving you a trainer in you that all important trainer in your pocket 24/7