Behaviour and One to One Consultations

Behavioural and One to One Training
Behavioural Consultations
Not all problems are covered in a class situation. Donna Connelly our head behaviourist has over 20 years experience training problems such as aggression towards other dogs, people, other animals, fear and phobias, separation anxiety and much more.

Using only up to date science based training techniques that are proven to be effective and have the dog’s welfare at heart.

She has been assessed and gained full member of both the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Donna is the only person in the north east to be full members of both.

We mainly work on vet referrals having clients referred to us from a number of Veterinary Practices in the North East. But we do accept clients contacting us directly.

Your initial consultation will take place in your own home and is an hour and a half long.

During this time we will
• Take a full and in depth history (you might not have much if it is a rescue dog but that isn’t a problem) and an account of the problem.
• Put a training plan into action.
• Arrange a follow up session if necessary.

After the session you will receive
• An in depth training program to follow
• Email, Telephone or Skype support between further sessions

One to One Sessions
Your dog might not have any issues that prevent you going into class, but your time might be limited. Or you want to tackle a specific area such as walking nicely on the lead or recall and a one to one might be a better option for you.

Donna will meet you either at your home or safe outside area and work on whatever problem area you want.
• The sessions are an hour long
• During the session we will go through some background information which might be contributing to the problem.
• Work at a level that suits you and your dog
• You will be given homework to work on between sessions
• Email, telephone or Skype support between sessions

Whatever the problem we can help you and your dog on the right path. Working together as a team to have a happy partnership.

You can either book a consultation one at a time or book a block.

1 hour session is £80


Or a block of 4 and get the 5th free, click below