Intensive Puppy Training and Socialisation Class – Forest Hall – 4th October at 6pm


Puppy classes are a perfect way to start your puppy life on the right path. Here at Barking Mad Dog Training the emphasis is very much on educating your puppy not just training it. Everyone aims to have a dog that is not just obedient but is well mannered too and can adapt to different situations easily. This is achieved by integrating all the life skills your puppy will need into everyday life.

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Your puppy will learn
• Sit
• Down
• Stand
• Coming when called
• Walking nicely on the lead
• Being able to settle and amuse themselves appropriately
• Having good manners around people and other dogs
• Being comfortable being touched and groomed

You will learn
• How to stop puppy mouthing/biting you and the kids
• How to stop puppies chewing your stuff
• How to housetrain your puppy
• How to communicate with your puppy and understand them.

Puppy classes are 5 week courses and are £75.00 for the entire 5 week course. They are held in
Forest Hall on a Friday Evening

If Friday doesnt suit you, or you can’t commit to a full 5 weeks then my two hour workshops might be good for you.  Click here to go to the page to read more
All puppies in the class are under 20 weeks so we can capture that critical period but the younger the better. We would love the pups to come as soon as they have had their vaccinations.

We limit the number of puppies per class to ensure they and you get the time you deserve. So please book a place ASAP.

We love dogs and feel the best way to have a great relationship with them is educating them using reward based methods only.


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